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Milenci 20 cm

Moderní soška z tropického dřeva s výškou 20 cm. Velmi žádaný dárek, který potěšil každého našeho zákazníka, přesněji obdarovaného partnera či partnerku!

Sousoší lásky 20 cm

Abstraktní sousoší lásky. Moderní řezba z tropického dřeva. Výška 20 cm. Atraktivní dárek pro partnera či partnerku.

Flower candle big

Candle in the shape of frangipani flower. Bigger type.

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Buddha 24 x 40 cm

Artistic carving Buddha.

Lombok mask 100 cm red

Hand made and hand painted mask from Lombok. Material: tropical wood.

Statues Rama and Shinta

Original pair of statues from bali. Rama and Shinta. Material- tropical wood. Hand made, hand painted, with antique look.

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Decorative masks

In Indonesia, masks generally used as a part of cultural and religious performances, such as traditional dances, drama or balet, and religious ceremonies. Masks are also used widely as decorations in houses. In Java and Bali, the characters of the masks are taken from the Hindu story Ramayana and Mahabharata, although nowadays in the market we can find modern masks with various faces.

Masks that we sell here are made from tropical woods (albesian woods) and decorated manually. The masks can be put in the table/shelf (with the stand) or hanged on the wall. They can make a trully interesting part of your home interior.

Link in english for Info on masks

Link in english for the process to make masks


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Indonesia - the archipelagic country

We are presenting our offers of exotics products from Indnesia. Indonesia is an archipelago in the southeast asia. It lies on the equator between the pasific and indian ocean and between the Asian and Australian continent. Republic of Indonesia is the biggest archipelagic country with the total of 17,508 islands, 300 different ethnics and 742 languages-dialects. Every ethnical group has its own different culture developed during the centuries with the influence from arabic countries, china and europe. Therefore, Indonesian culture is very rich on handmade productions using the materials from tropical resources.

At this moment we offer you exotics products, original and hand made from the islands of Bali, Java and Lombok.

Photographies from Indonesia can be found in our photogallery.